Projections on projections: how do we know what we know about climate change?

improve further. How will these projections advance in the near future?

Integrating intelligent infrastructure

The evolution of the smart city is beginning to shift from a sci-fi rarity to an emerging reality. Can we design intelligent infrastructure that balances challenges and privacy concerns with an improved quality of life?

Back to wood in the cities of the future

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is already a big challenge – but what happens as the population continues to grow and we are in a hurry to find more sustainable building materials?

What if cities become sites of food production?

Population growth, climate change, and resource scarcity are all making headlines these days. But the future of food is now being added to the discussion.

Key Trends: Climate, Society, Technology and Resources

Bug spray, sunglasses and hats are essentials for our Canadian summers. But now, it seems, so too are better floodwater management systems, wildfire prevention strategies and smarter ways to manage overstretched power grids.

Future Ready

Through Future Ready, WSP brings clarity and vision to complex challenges. We see the future more clearly through key trends in climate change, society, technology and resources, and challenge staff to work with our clients to advise on solutions that are both ready for today and for this future. Future Ready delivers peace of mind, lower lifecycle costs and resilience.

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