Integrated Solutions

For Coastal and Marine Environments

Climate change is threatening Canadian coastlines. As sea levels continue to rise and weather conditions turn increasingly volatile, an estimated 500,000 Canadians are expected to face annual floods by 2050. Moreover, the changes threaten to damage our infrastructure, ecosystems and coastlines. With the perils looming on the horizon, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions. How will you effectively plan for climate change? Can you mitigate risks associated with rising sea levels? Is your infrastructure robust and resilient enough to adapt to its everchanging and unforgiving environment?

At WSP, our award-winning team of engineers, scientists and ecologists are dedicated to helping you tackle these questions. Our team has honed our expertise through many complex projects across North America and the globe. We offer an unparalleled delivery of integrated services and innovative solutions for a broad range of projects related to offshore, coastal and estuary systems.