Global Reach

Due to the growth of maritime trade and coastal development and an increase in environmental stewardship, the coastal zone is subject to a variety of fast-evolving regulations and heightened expectations.

At WSP, we are focused on delivering sustainable solutions that protect the environment and infrastructure and achieve our clients' objectives. We integrate the principles of sustainability and building with nature, ensuring the delivery of future-ready designs capable of withstanding future climate uncertainty.

Our reputation is built on our unwavering commitment to delivering best practices for all projects around the world. As one of the world’s leading professional engineering services firm, we are unbound to barriers related to communication or understanding the trends and needs specific to different regions. We possess a wide range of expertise and offer a unique client-centred approach to deliver desired outcomes and enhanced client experience.

Our Services

At WSP, we provide design services combined with environmental analysis and assessment for various coastal projects and sectors. We possess globally recognized expertise and dedication to protect our environment and clients’ infrastructure.

Marine Surveys

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Our Technical Expertise

Our specialists provide integrated services for planning and managing maritime projects around the globe in the coastal and marine environment. From planning and executing marine surveys to gathering high-resolution data to strategic planning to mitigate risks and increase resilience for vulnerable populations, environments and assets, WSP offers a wide range of expertise capable of meeting region-specific needs and desired outcomes.

Hydrography and Geophysics

Marine Environmental

Coastal Engineering