Why WSP?

Our holistic approach

Equipped with access to a vast repertoire of innovative tools and a strategic vision, we offer our regional and global expertise to ensure seamless execution of comprehensive plans for your coastal and marine infrastructure. Our holistic approach enables you to maintain a single point of contact for all services at every stage of a project, maximizing convenience and minimizing the time spent coordinating several project teams.

Our commitment to sustainability

At WSP, we are driven to help our clients and communities thrive. We offer sustainable, future-ready designs that meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs. Through our Future Ready program, we advise on solutions that are capable of seamlessly adapting to the changing trends in climate, society, technology and resources. We work with our clients to bring clarity and vision to complex challenges and deliver lower lifecycle costs and fortified resilient designs.

Our culture of safety

Safety is important to us. It’s what sits at the forefront of our engineering process, driving us to approach all designs and work with a high degree of diligence and care. At WSP, we ensure best practice by completing thorough risks analysis and constructability reviews, which enable us to support our clients proactively. We evaluate every possible situation and develop optimal mitigation measures that ensure the safety of our clients and the communities they serve.